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Zomg! My friend is a musician! Answered

Yes, I'm shamelessly promoting one of my friend's youtube channels, because I think his music is really cool.

So here I have one of my friends from school who's dream is to become a professional rapper.  He has already released an album with 5 tracks.  I bought a copy from him and his songs turned out to be really cool.  He recently made a Youtube channel, so I figured I'd promote it for him.  

Check out his music: www.youtube.com/user/LilSavageTV

There are no swear words or explicit lyrics in his songs, in case you guys are worried about that sort of thing.


You guys should really have some place for lyrics.  My ears are not tuned to understand rap.  He could do something with to production so that it doesn't sound too much like a young kid's voice and give it more bite.  And no auto-tune but good luck to him.

He isn't signed to a label and he has to self-produce his songs.  And to the best of my knowledge he doesn't use auto-tune.


8 years ago