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a Blucky corpse Answered

stage 1
ok, so i have begun.

the Blucky i chose to work on is a bargain basement Blucky, literally. when i made the trek to the Spirit Store and Party City last October, i happened upon some marked down Bluckies. they were 10 bucks, and not guaranteed to not fall apart in the store, lol. so i got a buggy and picked up a couple of them. the cashier pointed out that they were defective, did i still want them? of course i did! 10 bucks instead of 12, for something that i'm going to probably screw up anyway...

so the 1st order of business is to fix the defective joints. i decided to disassemble it, and fill the bones with spray foam insulation. then re-assemble. hoping this will meld the pieces together well, and add a little weight. nothing looks faker than a Blucky blowing in the wind!

it is laid out on the counter at the shop. the customers kept giving me strange looks.. can't imagine why! so i figure the excess that is oozing out can easily be trimmed away. i do have a back-up plan in case the spray foam won't hold firmly enough. it involves hot glue. hopefully it won't come to that though... the panty hose i plan on applying next should bind things well.

so today i began stage 2 of the Blucky. cutting his arm and leg bones to more closely resemble an actual body. i used my Dremel, and a razor knife to trim them up. i made a HUGE mess, and had fun. i'm sure i didn't do such a great job on this, but it is my 1st time.
so today i tackled stage 3 of teh Blucky corpsefication, carving the skull and ribs.

ummm. it is MUCH harder to do the ribs than the skull, let me tell you! the dremel tends to 'get away from you' on the long curves of teh ribs. my carpal tunnel didn't help matters any, either! it's kinda crappy looking in fact... i am rather disappointed with myself. luckily they wont all be visible after the pantyhose goes on! the teeth proved to be difficult too. Danny said it looked fine, though. i do have some pics somewhere...

we went to Lowe's last night and got some carpet latex to coat it with. the girl in the flooring department thought we were crazy at first, then warmed up and was interested in our projects and plans. she wants us to bring some pics by in fact!

here are some of the how-to's i'm using as inspiration:




iam kinda mixing and matching techniques. i'll be using paper towels or toilet paper, pantyhose, cotton balls, great foam, maybe cheesecloth and various colors of stains/paints.

the hair my Blucky will have is Grade A. i had my long hair cut off, and instead of donating it this time, i plan to utilize it. the hair dresser kept asking me if i was sure i wanted her to cut it, she said it was "beautiful and so healthy!" i imagine i'll have to distress it little so it will look like it belongs on a rotted corpse. LOL!!!!

i'm wondering... does anyone ever put remnants of rotten clothing onto their Bluckies they corpsefy?

STAGES 4 & 5
ok. so i worked on Blucky today at work. first i taped up the arm and leg bones that i had cut out with the dremel. this is probably a useless step... but i think i was trying to stall actually getting going with the scary part- the latex.

i used some masking tape i bought at wal mart in the paint department.

then i applied the pantyhose. this part caused customers to stop what they were doing and come watch. Josh and I struggled with it until we got 1 set on the right way, and one set on upside down, covering the arms and head. we overlapped the torso with both sets.

now came the scariest part. donning the gloves and applying the latex. it stinks! i put down a couple of trash bags and dove in... globbing and smearing until it was covered. i had to warn customers away from it, so Blucky wouldn't stick to them! one guy nearly bumped into it, just walking by. maybe i should have done this step in the back room, away from people.

i hope he turns out ok... hair, stain and paint are the next steps, when he dries out.

so i stained Blucky. i think i got a lil heavy handed with the stain... but he is my 1st ever, so it's all good! i bought MinWax mahogany gel stain and a large pack of cheap brushes (getting my Lowes connection price of course- dented can)i placed Blucky's feet into a large box. having stained my kitchen cabinets once, i expected a HUGE mess... but the gel is marvelous! NO DRIPS AT ALL!i did get a little splattered onto my left hand and forearm, but that is because i'm a slob, LOL.

several customers wandered over to watch, and inquire about him... several seemed genuinely interested in our Halloween obsession! a couple of kids who were there were thrilled, and assured me he looked totally gross!

only 1 customer questioned why we were working on Halloween in February. this is a far cry from last year when i was detailing the tombstones at the shop and had people looking at me as if i were crazy... maybe i'm rubbing off on them, or maybe they are used to my eccentrics by now, LOL!

Josh and i left the shop at 6, and Danny stayed over a few minutes, (he's painting truck parts in the back room) he said when he walked back through the empty, half-lighted, locked shop he caught Blucky out of teh corner of his eye and it spooked him! a sure sign of a job well done!

anyway, i suppose Stage 7 for Blucky will be eyes... or LED's. definitely an LED in the chest cavity. this will be up to Danny, as i don't do wiring (yet, lol) so the ball is in his court!

my motto? the couple who haunts together, stays together!


That's a brilliant project, Susan - you really ought to make it into a proper Instructable, rather than just a forum topic.

Click on the orange links in the message from Robot on your member space for a guide how to do that.

Then you can add it to the Hallowe'en 2008 group.

thanks! i am very new here, and trying to figure things out. i'll add it as soon as i can!

Hey, you've got most of the text and images you need, piece of cake to turn it into a featurable project. You need any help, there's plenty of us to ask (by PM, for instance).

I wouldn't, as there is quality info here, and people will stumble upon it. Welcome!

Yeah, what Bran said.

I've just looked - three excellent Makes posted on one day. Looks like we have a top Maker on our hands.

I told my friend we should make one of those and put it in her neighbors car... You made a very good Instructable by the way/

How long does it take to make one? If we can't find a Blucky we might just make something from newspaper. We live a ways away from a Big Lots so I don't know if we can use a Blucky. In fact, I don't know if I've even been to a Big Lots. I like the word Blucky :D

thats what i was told... but mine dried to the touch in like 24 hours. it depends on your weather i think!


10 years ago

What's a "Blucky" ?!

a 'Blucky' is a blow molded skeleton. they are available at stores like Big Lots for 12 bucks. if you hear anyone referr to a 'Bucky', they are talking about a 4th quality skeleton from Anatomical Chart www.anatomical.com/ they are super nice and cost upwards of 100 bucks. a 'Blucky' is an economical way to create corpses in your haunt.