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a few weeks ago i saw a link that tells how to make decay shelves but i cant find it now...can you help to find it? Answered


I guess I could figure out how, but I doubt I'd ever desire to build them without just cau$e. Looks like they're a pretty wasteful use of wood (if indeed they're wood).

casting the sections using resin or a similar material (any number of materials could be used to cast sections) wouldn't be too hard. Ok, it wouldn't be a no brainer, but it looks very doable. welding them together would simply be a matter of using the right adhesive for the cast material. And since they look like fluff, I'm sure money was no issue.

Veneered MDF for a bet, but bandsawing from solid might be possible, and probably not wasteful of wood - you'd make a stack for cutting 5 out and nest the cuts.


Yeah, lamination would be another way to do it...Seems like alot of work though, in any case.

And they still look like a grand waste of material to me.

Eye of the beholder, I suppose.

I'm with you. This is totally not my aesthetic, so I don't really have any input on reproducing a piece like this.
Now, if the lines were cleaner, more geometric, maybe kind of asian-inspired then we'd be cooking with gas. Not to mention wasting a lot less wood on decorative curlicue bits.
Of course, such a piece is probably available in kit form at Ikea.

agreed. I like the oriental school. This is cool from a "how the hell did you do that?!!" perspective, but doesn't rock my world. Produced by a designer whose company caters to the neuvo-riche with a bunch or rather ugly furniture if you ask this practical snob...  snore.

lol...2400 pounds... A mere $4000 US...gimme a break.

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The question is simply too cryptic for me, but I'm dying to know what it means.

oh well, someone else will be coffin up an idea soon though, I'm sure.

 Are you sure it said "decay," like in "rot?"