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a wall power socket USB adapter and extended USB cable for web camera Answered

Is it possible to power a web camera to a computer with a USB wall power socket powered adapter like this? I hope this diagram of my guesswork makes some sense to electronics persons. I mean to split the USB cable like in the diagram.


I saw two grounds connected at the same solder joint on an lcd monitor....and thought maybe the ground connections would be ok more than one together. What about the direction of the current. Current would be the power wouldn't it..if that does not flowing the right direction could that be why a computer USB port could become damaged?

A camera is an expensive option for me so I thought of using a long USB cable to take photos and video of things around the house. I use a PCI USB card and a 15 meter USB cable made up of a USB extension cable and 5 USB printer cables. Now I want to take photos and video further away from this computer so I wondered what I could use to be sure to have enough power getting to the web camera if I made up a USB cable longer than 20 meters because I read the cable may suffer from interference being that it is so long and the length may require more power. I read cables can be shielded and maybe there is a cheap material I could use to shield cable if need be. So I looked at these things and realized...I don't actually know much at all about this..however I can plug a plug into a wall socket and I can solder and here I am. I can also power anything I may use for this project from the computer power supply which is an idea I like besides, I already had made up two molex connectors one for 5V and the other for 12V so I am all ready to experiment.

I want to use my webcamera to take photos of stuff I make and I do not have money to pay for a digital camera. I made a bicycle trailer and someone asked for a picture and I was rather proud of my effortless achievement and I remembered I was asked to post a photo. Besides the boasting, I think I like the idea of having webcameras setup about home to look at the birds and cats and the rest of the animals around the house and I thought that may be possible after spying cheap survelience hardware on the auction website I frequent..

Is it the cable-length? If you've got it connected via USB it is powered, I don't understand the problem here. L

oooo k...I did a search here and there may be a problem if the data wires request power from the USB socket in the PC...and the power may not be flowing in the proper directions. In my diagram the power would be going from the 3 pin wall power adapter to the webcamera rather than coming from the computer USB port. I also read here if the wiring is not right the PC could get damaged.

If it's plugged into the USB it's powered-up.
Why were you thinking about doing this - very long cable?
You could disconnect the 5V power wire and hook-in a separate power supply.


I thought the idea was nuts aswell, and if anything, it'd be the data wires you'd have to worry about in a long usb cable, I doubt much worry about the power wires. Unless perhaps its the power wires that cause the problems with long runs of usb cabling, in which case maybe it would help, thats a good question.