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adding a proximity detector to the mouse bot Answered

hello im new here and new to tech but i was wondering if any one could tell me how to add the simple ir proximity detector thts on this site to the mouse bot any help would be apreciated


k thnks is there a nothe pic i nead to install and program inorder to get it to turn away from said objext

Inside the mouse there are little wheels with slots in. They pass through a gap between an IR LED and a photodiode, so the movement of the mouse ball can be sensed. Take the LED and photodiode out of the mouse and mount them on the front of the 'bot. Arrange them at an angle, and when the bot gets close to a wall, the IR will reflect off the wall and be detected by the photodiode. You will need a constant power supply to both components, and when the photodiode detects the reflected IR, it will allow current to pass, which can be used to control your chosen avoidance mechanism.