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air mattress pump silencer Answered

I have a big air mattress that I use frequently, but the electric pump is so loud that the apartment neighbors complain.  It takes 3-5 minutes to inflate, which is an eternity of noise when you're setting things up at night.   I just wondered if there might be a way to dampen the sound without having to use a foot pump or just leave the mattress inflated it at all times. Any ideas, anyone? 


i figured that the sound is mostly because of whistling due to air flow through valve. I did two things 1. Bend the valve a little while filling, move it around a little and y might find the bedt spot for almost no whistle. 2. I put a pillow under and over the pump. Dont have to press hard but just put in it.

These reduced my noise by 80%, helped a lot in hotel room :).

Hi Kennan

I have an idea that I will try out first and then let you know.

It involves the following:

1) Shoe box (holes for air)

2) Cotton wool

3) Sound Baffle (Don't know what I will use just as yet)

If my pump burns out before the mattress is inflated I will be sure to let you know. If not (fingers crossed) I will most certainly do the same.


2 years ago

I have this fantasy of someone posting a bed muffler instructable. Good advice, regardless, thank you.

Stand the pump on something soft to cut vibrations being carried through the structure of the building.

You won't be able to quiet the air-flow without reducing the power of the pump.

(Or set it up earlier in the evening, when folk aren't to twitchy about noise.)