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aircraft parts organization Answered

Hello, anybody can help me with organizing aircraft parts? I am stucked. there are lots of aircraft parts and hardwares and composites in the factory but i dont know how to start working on organizing it, proper location and proper documents.


You know people ask questions, we offer some insight but they rarely come back with information or thanks ;-(

Feeling grumpy today!

Just remember, we're doing it for the kids. :D

Very much appreciated all. Thank you. At least i got some idea where and how to start with. :D

How large are the parts?

How many kinds of part are there (roughly - dozens, hundreds, thousands)

How many of each?

Are there kinds of a thing (eg green widgets, blue widgets, one-inch whizzer, two-inch whizzer etc)?

Allocate a unique part number to everything. Allocate low numbers to things used often - Keep records in a spread sheet.

mark a space for each part number on your shelving - Do this in part number order.

Put things on shelves in correct part number place.

Record every use of anything so you can reorder.

Stock take every year or more often if business is booming and a lot of stuff gets used.

See if you can get your hands on any military training manuals on supply. I was in the US Air Force in supply and they have a great system of organization and documentation. Lots of manuals are available online for free if you can find them. Google is your friend.