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alcohol expansion engine? Answered

While expirimenting in my back yard i came across somthing. I was working on my steam engine and was testing the boiler with methyl alcohol as the heat source( i used nitro car fuel 20%) and i wondered what would happen if i put the alcohol in the boiler. I heated the boiler at the same temperature as i normaly heat water and the alcohol seemed to produce alot more vapors at a faster rate and volume than just steam. So... I was wondering if it was possible to create an engine on the same basic design as a steam engine that ran on alcohol expansion. I do not realy plan on creating this i was just wondering if it would work as good or better than steam. If someone has already made this please tell me. Thanks



6 years ago

My boiler is a tin can and as i said i dont plan on actualy running an engine with this

No don't do it. your boiler - if your lucky - will have been tested to the sort of pressure steam can produce + a safety margin. Who knows what heating alcohol will do - + if it leaks or explodes you have an incendiary bomb on your lap.

You don't get as much pressure; it's "weedier".


Yes, boiling alcohol will drive an engine like boiling water .


Alcoholic vapours are highly explosive - if the vented vapours get anywhere near the heat source, you will have very serious problems, very quickly.