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algae+ chicken manure how to get rid of parasites and bugs, and bio diesel? Answered

ok so i was wondering if any of you algae growers out there have ever tried fertilizing with chicken manure and if you have found the gross bugs/ parasites/ oil crap on top/gross things, and how you got around that i tried boiling the manure in water for ten minutes to kill the stuff but it didnt seem to work?

ok so ive heard of the chemical way of making bio diesel but is there any way to make bio diesel or bio gasoline or bio ethonal without nasty chemicals from the oil straight from the algae press.

Im 16 and my parents dont want me to have harsh chemicals nor do i have the money to go buy them.


to make any amount of bio diesel you are going to need vast amounts of organic waste - Tons!.

A more efficient way is to convert vegetable oil to diesel.

well the thing is for one algae is about in common strands 50% oil, and two im not in it for the amount of diesel i can make

seems it isn't easy to do.

There is a lot of information on making bio fuels from animal waste

I would expect a moderate application of heat would kill the bugs, or just let them grow your not eating the stuff are you?

Good luck.

but the bugs eat the algae and the algae make better bio fuel but thanks for your input