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alternatives to concrete? for project similar to DIY Light transmitting concrete Answered


I recently came across this instructable   Search for " DIY light transmitting concrete" and I was wondering how I could make something similar but in the shape of a ball, or a light bulb, So I can have a LED inside it and have it shine and spin freely. 

Perhaps filling a tennis ball and drilling holes for light?
 Im ind of stumped on this one. any ideas???


You know those glass mosaic candleholders that you see at craft stores? Maybe do something like that, i.e start with a clear hollow object with your LED inside, and then apply the fibers to the outside and fill in the gaps between the fibers last.

Since you are making something small, and you probably don't have need for a 50lb bag of cement - you could try to use plaster to cast your object -look at the lightbulb wall hook instructable.  A small bag of cement repair or sand-mix/no big rock aggregate cement might also work.  Look at cheap kids toys/flashlights for the circus/party favors that have some fiber optic strands to gut out.  Good luck.

 Yeah I saw that one, just wondering how to place the fiber optic strands inside the object and having a hollow for the light

While it is still wet, you just put a plug of waxed paper or plastic wrap, you can dig it out to make a void for your LED/electronics.  I guess you might need to tie the fiber optic strands to something like a bamboo skewer to give it rigidity for placement when you set it up in the light bulb.  Tie is short of the end so it doesn't show.  Push it up to the outside and clean it up later.  Maybe just take some narrow cocktail straws or tubing to place as a "poor man's" light conduit.  There are concrete drill bits to put some holes in concrete but maybe the most at 2inches deep for such a thin drill bit.