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alt+libray member doesn't exsit, error 400? Answered

   Viewing others accounts are possible, though it seems I cannot look at alt+library's profile. It says: ERROR 400: no member: alt library.
   Though the account's name is alt+library.


As alt+library, I can say we do exist and I have create a profile but I can't see it either. I would love to know why since we want to share with people!

There is definitely a bug. If I click on your own username in your comment, I get the same ERROR 400 message. I think the problem is that you chose to use a "+" character in your username, which is a special character used by I'bles server to represent a blank space (they did that instead of the more correct "%20" trigraph).

If you would be willing to try it yourself, and then post a bug report, it might carry more weight with the development Staff. Thanks!

.  Are you sure you are spelling it correctly?

When I click her name it says ERROR 400: no member: alt library (Sorry for my array of mistakes, I was in a hurry...anyway, her name is alt+library.)

.  If the account ever existed, it appears that is has been deleted.

(I fixed most of the mistakes.)