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aluminum Answered

hey, i was just wondering if anybody here knows how to identify aluminum as a metal? i am in the process of making thermite and dont know what aluminum would look like, please help! thanks in advance! :D


Feels light for it's size (low density)
Grey in colour
Good conductor of heat and electricity
Practically impossible to solder with normal solder.
Fairly easy to bend, softer to cut than equivalent thickness of steel.

Easy sources - kitchen foil, drinks cans, old road signs.
Powdered aluminium can (I think) be bought from paint manufacturers as a pigment.
(I've just looked at http;//www.ebay.co.uk - 500g aluminium powder for £11.99, plus postage, he'll send to the USA).

ummm if you make and thing very flameable it well disenagreat ( i do it all the time )