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amarican vs japinies what do you think is better Answered

which do you think is better episode wise i personaly like the japinies ones because they dont cut out swearing and the funny stuff plus im a fast reader so i can keep up with the sub titles and after listening for a while you imagen them talking in english


japanese, they made ramen, sushi, airsoft, all our electronics, and kickass game shows

Japanese reality game shows are 100 times better than America's.

how true that is and so are the game systems like the nintendo ds or the wii

like are there even videogame systems worth even naming from america? Are there even gaming systems from America?

Er, the best gaming system so far, Xbox 360, is American, if I'm not mistaken.

The "amazing icredible" PS3 is actually very suckish compared to the Wii. I'm sorry, but the Wii simply destroys all other competition except for the 360. I think that Microsoft and Nintendo should team up to make the awesomeness of: The XBOX Wii60!!!!!! How awesome would that be? You could use the lightgun attatchment in Halo! WoOt!

well i like both although i dont own either but ive played both the wii is also great for o;der people and people who need theropy for whatever need so wii can also be helpful

physical to heal from wounds like physical therapy like from war or work

everthing is made and manufactured in china (figures) but everthing but nintendo is basicly amrican but i like nintendo because they focus on just games instead of like microsoft with computers or sony and tvs and stuff see what im saying? i just think taht nintendo can be better because its japinese and they focus on just games and systems although no offesce to the 360 i like halo 3 yay although i dont have one :( i just played it at a friends house

japanese rocks 1. because they dont care about whats appropriate for tv 2. They just have that that natural but at the same time cartoon look about them 3. japan stARTS WITH A J 4.I like pie 5.Bad milk causes stomach pains 6.they have demons 7.Blonde spiky hair 8.funny 9.naruto 10.kiba 11.ramen 12japan starts with a j

.....IRELAND >:D (gulps down a beer)


Whats with the bump? No reason to bump an old topic to correct one spelling mistake. Out of the 341338641446481 others. :D

no, i wasnt correcting a spelling mistake, i was voting for american stuff

I've always been fond of anime because there is actually a story to it. American cartoons are fine, but there is no story to go with it. Every episode is different. That being said though, I can't say which is better. I love some American cartoons but I also love some anime. Can't comment on Naruto, I have only seen the dubbed version and it annoys me. Ironically enough, I was just getting ready to watch some Berserk before I saw this thread and decided I would say something in it.

its the storyline your talking about and its like there is one eppisode of an american cartoon and the next episode is really off target and subject of the last

Bugs Bunny could wipe the floor with Japanese cartoons. "Silly, Ain't he?" American cartoons rock.

Japanese, all the way! Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Kabuto, Orochimaru, and just about every one else's voice is way better in the japanese version. Plus, yes, I too am a fast reader. I read Harry Potter 1,2,3,4,6,and7 in one day!

Sorry, I didn't mean ALL of them in one day. I just meant that I read each one took me one day, not all of them together.

i could if i put my mind to it i could but im like naruto and dont have that long of an attention span i would get destracted eventually by like food like ramen yummmmm and the japineise episodes rock

(I forgot to mention that I am sasukes long lost brother (not itachi)). (On that day, I had lost my EMO powers and was bored, so I read...

It's spelled Japanese. But yes, Japanese cartoons seem to be less "censored", which does not lead to better shows. I like Japanese cartoons better than their American counterparts just because it is culturally different.

like i said they cut all the funny parts out but at the same time im useing my brain and reading fast


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i like jap shows better, because there is no such thing as a cartoon for over like 14 in america. if it is drawn or animated then it is for 10 year olds... jap shows dont really care how old you are, if you like animation then you get it.

rock on man thats what im saying

From your explanation I think I would prefer the Japanese

well they dont cut the swearing and some of the comical stuff in the japinese the english one were desined for younger audiences im 13 i dont mind the swearing

its got a great story line its just what they cut that kinda is weird


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