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amplify your acoustic for under $10 Answered

If there is anyone interested in amplifying their acoustic guitar for under $10....If you already have the parts then for free.   It was a little experiment of mine a while ago and was very effective.  If There is enough interest then I will post the details.   No drilling if you don't want to.


With respect sir I am not aware of breaking any forum law by offering members free advise. I am almost 69 and have lived in many parts of the world...Therefore if in USA its Labor in the U.K. Labour. etc etc. If words are important then we have lost the plot somewhere along the line. Can you please enlighten me where I have erred.

No, you have broken no rule - it's a site in-joke that "thou shalt post" any project that might be of interest to anybody in the world, because most views here are brought via search engines, especially google.

Any orange text on this site is a link - if you click the words "The Law", you will learn everything you need to know.

My apologies...my only defence is that I am nuts.

All mushrooms are edible, However some will kill you.

That is so funny avatar.jpg

If you have an idea, if you have something built or to build, if you are willing to write up the instructions or take sequential pictures or both, and place it in the hands of the public: than by all means, do so, we are MORE then happy to have you on board :-)

I'd also like to encourage you to post an Instructable - it sounds very interesting to me!

Please! Create an Instructable about your project; it would be very welcome.

(That was the point of Kiteman's original comment; as he said, it's an in-joke on this site. It's also often phrased as, "The answer is always Yes!").

You're relatively new aren't you?You are probably not aware of The Law.