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amps vs milliamps ? Answered

I have a ac/dc adapter with an output of 24V - 400mA. I am looking at a new adapter with an output of 24V - 1A. Will this damage the charger or battery? Thank u


In terms of power adapters, the amperage listed is the maximum current draw that the adaptor can supply. The device it's connected to will only draw as much as it needs. It's the voltage that you have to look out for, as circuits are often designed with one specific voltage in mind, and takes the current limiting from there. In short, it should be fine.

Thank u for ur help I appreciate it.

...although trying to get 150% more power out of the adapter you've got may cause it to overheat or otherwise fail.
If it's just for charging the same battery I'd go with dilandou on this.


I'm not trying to get more power just the same amount of power.

Then you're OK with what dilandou said.


For the author's sake, I concur :)