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'answers' is broken :( Answered

On the answers screen, when I choose any question, it takes me to ...what looks like a script generated listing of questions, showing the title of what I clicked on as a link - not the question page like it should. If I go back and choose a different one - I get the same listing page showing the title of the one I already clicked, and a second line with the new listing. Baffling! Edit: Wednesday June 10 - it's back up and running! Thanks


oh so its not just me

. I thought it was just me.

I'm gonna go crazy - stuck at work without my answer fix! MUST GET TO 100 BEST ANSWERS... MUST...FIGHT...BOREDOM!!!

. Wow! You don't have far to go with 95. I'm impressed! Robot should give you a badge at 100, 250, &c.; (I'm way back there at 55.)

Gosh, I thought I had a lot at 51!

(Gripe: a lot of the questions I have answered have not had "best" selected at all.)

Well...maybe yours wasn't the best answer...;D

It's not just me - lots of questions, especially the anonymous ones, get left, and the questioner never has the manners to select a "best".

addendum: I requested somewhere in a topic 'how can we encourage people to mark answered'... I figured robot could email after a week "hey, did your question get resolved? - check, and feel free to engage with the responders for more information!"

I started going out of my way to ask for it when it was the only answer, and the author has replied with 'thanks that worked' - thats when I remind - "dont forget to mark it answered"

same here

Yup; same result. It's only 7:30 am in San Francisco, so Staff hasn't had a chance to see this bug report yet.