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any ideas for a large dining room table with out having to actually spend tons of money on it? ? Answered

thinking about doors for the top, not sure what for the legs. thinking of a saw horse but not sure how this would work. wanting to seat 10 people. need the cost to be extremely low and it to be a mix of vintage, eclectic and earthy to match the rest of my house. anyone have any ideas?


a 4x8 of cheap plywood with some wood filler, a good sanding, routed edges and veneer wouldn't be too expensive. Some 2x lumber for supports to make sure it stays straight, and some banister posts from a wood shop as legs...


8 years ago

We're all thinking much the same!

Try contacting a builder/s to get yourself a free or very cheap door. Have a look around builders yards-they may even have something that can be be cut down or altered to be used as legs.

Check yard sales-the table top you might find, might be too small but you are looking for table legs. (Saw horses will work fine, but they can put the price up.

If you're a handyman you could fix 3-4 long second-hand planks of wood together. Then sort out the legs thing. (A friend did this for a yard table;-he seats 14 comfortably! He used saw horses...free from a builder friend).

you could use folding tables; they don't cost to much

Concrete blocks as legs with the doors as table tops?