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any ideas for incresing cooling power of a mini peltier driven fridge?Thanks!? Answered



Increase the insulation on the outside, but not near the fans. Some very cheap units can benefit from their Peltier cells being clamped better, and their heatsinks being flattened off - that takes some fine (>1000 grit ) wet/dry paper glued to a piece of glass. reassemble with the minimum amount of heatsink compound.

Not that cheap a unit decent quality and all. Wondering if boosting the power to the cell would fry it? and maybe adding a larger, more powerful fan / water cooling would increase cooling power (actually quiete certain on that since a peltier cell is a heat pump...) and an internal fan to circulate the air inside the fridge might speed up the cooling? BTW its a Dantax C-14

Water cooling would be good if you can do it. Anything to reduce the delta T to the inside is a good thing. Increasing current in the cell without knowing what the cell is is a no-no. You get best performance at half Imax by the way. Insulation is the easiest thing to play with though

When working with peltiers, it is all about the difference of temperatures between each of the sides. Most peltiers have a 30 degree difference between hot and cold. This means if the hot side is 100 degrees, the coldest it would get in the fridge is 70 degrees. If you want it colder, figure out how to make the hot side cooler, probably by putting another fan on it, or replacing the existing fan with a more powerful one.