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any use for crock pot heating element pan, broke ceremac bowl Answered

i broke the ceramic bowl to the crock pot.  i was wondering if their is a use for the heating portion before i toss it, anything g to salvage, or a use for the heater. i was thinking of building a box that was heated by the sun that i could throw my clothes in when i spend a day in bedbug areas, i think the temp has to be 175 to kill them., thanks for any help



4 years ago

If it gets hot enough, you could use it to make a smoker to use for meats, cheeses and other foods. Here is an example... https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Smoker/

I use mine to heat a large glass boiling flask on my still. Simply fill the bottom with a few inches of sand and the place the flask (4L) on top, then fill the gaps around the sides with more sand. The thermal conductivity of the sand heats the flask where in contact with the sand beautifully.
Rather than a still you could use the same method to adapt any metal/ceramic/glass vessel to be used.