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anyone have an idea for a good knex solid axle suspension? Answered

k so i have ideas for everything else, can someone come up with a good solid axle suspension for a rock crawler out of knex, i also came up with a torsion bar ifs set up...if you can make a SMALL cv shaft i could make 4wd steering and indipendant as well, but for now i want solid axle! lol i just want to see how many ppl can do all this, steering idea would be good too!


i hope these pics r of some help plz mod away to fit your needs. this kind of suspension is cool cuz it keeps the shock out of the way of obstacles. plus it looks friggin awesom when u hook it up to somethin


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I dont mind you using my JELLY suspension from my rallycar its simple, its effective, and can be motorized. It doesn't use rubberbands or springs just pure knex! instructions are on my derby car, just type it in and you will find it its the top one in conclusion you dont have to make the body of the mini becuase it has small wheel arches and put massive tires and it will work amazingly!!!!!!!!!!! if your not 100% convinced watch the vidio in my 'knex mustang rally car' instructable
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i hoped ive helped!!!

I built a rockcrawler that looks like a jeep. It use rubber bands as leaf springs. I have 2 motos one on each axle. the axles have gear reduction gears so it crawls better. It works really well crawling and in the mud. I havent figured out cv's so it doesnt have steering yet.

Use rubberbands to connect the axles together.