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anyone need/want a free website? Answered

For my final in web design I have to make someone a website so if you need/want one post your ideas for one only requirements are: it can't be a blog, and i need to have 3-5 pages with a good amount of info. and thats about it.

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octopuscabbage (author)2010-12-16

Want to make my gaming clan a website?

Can it have downloads?

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jeff-o (author)2010-10-19

I've been thinking of setting up a small website to showcase some of my projects, to host files required to make those projects, and maybe even sell PCBs for them. It would need some sort of easily-expandable structure or menu system for when I add projects. It should also be easy to link between projects, to Instructables itself (to get the full build instructions) and to other relevant info.

It would also be nice to have the ability for people to post comments on the project pages, and to have a Contact form for people to reach me.

I even have a name picked out!

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______ (author)2010-10-17

Well I all ready have a website (work-in-progress not-fineshed) called "radios"

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