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anyone out there know how to make a cell phone jammer ? Answered


Yes, loan it to a 14 year old.


7 years ago

Yeah, I agree that it's not a simple task for the hobbyist. So, why not buy one first and find out how it was made? You can find good cell phone signal blockers at: http://www.espow.com/wholesale-security-jammer.html http://www.phonejammer.com/home.php

Mobile phone jammers also called as cell phone jammers are used for disrupting the mobile phone's signal. Jammers are the electronic devices that emit signals on those radio frequencies in which the cell phone emits its signals. I had seen cell phone jammer on espow website,you can go to see it .

Sure. Lots of people do, and have for a couple of decades. Try a trivial Web search (type "cell phone jammer" into your address text in your browser). If you live in the U.S. owning or using any kind of jammer (cell phone, TV or radio, radar, etc.) is a federal felony with fines up to $11,000 per incident ($75,000 maximum), along with federal prison time. Most other developed countries have a similarly negative attitude. If you choose to build one, I suggest you maintain an attorney on retainer. You will need one.

best instructions i have seen still complicated though and its probably easier to buy one keep the very hefty fine and jail time for operating one in mind though http://hackaday.com/2006/12/25/wave-bubble-portable-rf-jammer/

Make? sure. Advisable? no. It's no simple task for the hobbyist -- and they are illegal virtually everywhere. They can be purchased from online stores -- basically a battery powered rf modulator 'screaming' random junk on all phone frequencies so the phones can't differentiate between real signal and noise.