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anyone tried making a rosary like the ones from boondock saints :) there like 80 dollars on ze web =\ Answered

i know you need like leather cord , a thick metal ring, beads, and wood :) and the decoration metal bits might have ago at it myself just wondering if anyone has tried and not posted


It's a pretty stylish rosary. It doesn't look like anyone has posted one like it on this site. A quick trip to the craft store should take care of most of the parts. I'd love to see it.

got all the parts i need even carved the wood but for the life of me i can't find the 30mm metal ring! it needs to be 30mm outer diamater, 20mm inner, about 1-2mm thick... i;ve tried everything! getting a custum peice made will void the idrea of doing it cheap lol help? x

Check these places: Dollar stores, walmart, and discount jewelry chains (claires, etc) for a piece of costume jewelry that approximates your description. It doesn't have to be the same color or even material. If it's plastic, metal, or wood, it can probably still be spraypainted to look like whatever kind of metal you're after. Keep in mind that decorations like little flowers or fake stones can be snapped off and the blemish sanded away. Good craft stores carry metal and wooden rings of all sorts of shapes and sizes and again, spraypaint can be used to disguise the material. Finally, if you've got access to a drill press and a few common bits: Clamp down a piece of wood to the table with a piece of scrap wood under it. Drill a 20mm hole straight through the work piece. Use a hole saw with an inside diameter slightly larger than 30mm to cut out your ring. Now you just need to saw it to the right thickness and sand it. Spraypaint with whatever metal finish you're looking for.

I'm using a "Decorative Drapery Ring" from Target. It's 1.5 inches in diameter. and gun metal