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anyway cheap to keep snakes away from my yard? Answered

I am SO afraid of snakes and don't want them with-in a million miles of me !! The only stuff they sell in the stores is really costly and some say it doesn't work anyway.I really need something that works to keep them away from my property !! PLEASE HELP !!!!



One other thing - it is VERY important that you know there are none of the creepies (I can hardly bring myself to say the s-word!) inside when you close the ring. We had our gardener do a big mow with her huge lawn mower before she lay the wire so the vibrations would drive them away just before.

I am in Australia where we have the 2 most poisonous snakes in the world and I worry myself sick about my 4 dogs on my 20 acre property. I think I have found the answer! I metre (3 foot) wide chicken wire (sort of soft, not hard and erect) which you scrunch up and lay around the perimeter of your property. For more abundant caution I have two rings some distance apart. Secure with rocks or tent pegs about 1 or 2 metres apart. We caught 5 last summer and nothing at all this year. I know of other people who have done this (my gardener told me about it) who have caught 7 snakes. They get their scales caught up in the webbing. The local wildflife people say specifically not to leave this sort of netting around for this reason. Hahaha!!!

I just moved from Vermont to Southern Virginia. I have a Pom that is a small dog. I have already in 2 days seen a 5 ft black snake. Not so worried about black snakes. But copperheads are another story, I will do whatever is necessary to keep that off my lawn so my dog and I can have some fun outside. I heard plants might help not sure what they are? Also their is an abundance of them. I would not survive a snake bite. (trust me). I heard lime works too. I am open to any suggestions. I have no piles of anything on my lawn. Did want to have a kiddie pool for my dog and I am afraid to even do that:(

Scatter mothballs in areas where snakes like to be. (shelter) They hate mothballs and will go away.

I have used this also. I have also been told that lime will keep snakes away. This serves as a double benifit. Lime for your yard and snakes stay away.

 there is a company called RO-PEL and they make a snake repellant that actually works but if you dont want to do that keep your grass cut very low and i suggest plant some LEMON GRASS snakes HATE the smell of lemons trust me i live on a ranch in texas

I would get a pet first of all, cat or dog. Either will make the peaceful lifestyle of a snake miserable. Snakes hate being disturbed. Cut high grasses, walk near their habitat often and even place human scents (urine) nearby. If that doesn't work, barn owls are great predators of mice, gophers, small snakes etc. A simple barn owl box mounted higher than 10 ft up should get you a move-in within a couple weeks. I know it's not as humane, but if you have NO pets around, yours or neighbors, a little antifreeze on any surfaces the snakes hang out around will bring them to an end. Snakes smell with their tongues. If they do ingest the antifreeze it will either kill or make them severely sick.

Anti-freeze is an indicriminant painful killer- please please please consider this option carefully. I don't intend to offend Pkranger88.

No worries. No offense taken. I do appreciate your concern. I personally love snakes, reptiles and such. I've had an Edmond rat snake, 2 tarantulas, a rabid wolf spider, an iguana, green anoles, box turtles, red-eared sliders, skinks, horny toads, geckos, etc. In fact, I go so far as to catch the gophers and moles (yes I have both) in my back yard and I walk them a quarter mile away, across a parking lot, road and acouple ditches and drop them off in a field for their enjoyment. I merely am offering a suggestion for someone who seems desperate. I guess, an additional option would be to place large mouse traps with a small mouse attached outside and snag the snakes. Is that too gruesome? I still stand by the natural pecking order above all.

Good to hear! I too have 'rescued' rodents and birds from my over zealous, over fed pets (read- dogs & cats). Good spirited of you to offer a solution for something you don't yourself see as a problem- we need more of this spirit in our troubled world. Thanks!

Create a DMZ perimeter around your yard with Tack Strips. The stuff that is used for carpeting. When snakes slither over it, it rips open their underbellies. You may have to set up layers of them for maximum effectiveness. There is always the general concern of neighbors and children getting hurt, but we're preventing snakes here Darnit! If a lot of Tack Strips are too expensive, just use cardboard with tacks poked through. You will need to periodically change the cardboard though.

Venomous/ non-venomous? Have you seen snakes or are you just afraid they will invade your yard. Usually predators don't bother with territory devoid of prey so I would eliminate habitat friendly to rodents and such. You could also contact local extension service for advice.

Badger badger badger badger Badger badger badger badger Badger badger badger badger ...mush-room mush-room!....

You could surround your yard with fences and overlay a fine bird netting. You could also remove everything from your yard that the snakes' food (rats, mice, or crickets) might eat and everything (like rocks or logs) that they might hide under. But trying to hold back nature is an uphill battle.

I would recommend another method, though: learn to live with them. Rodents can transmit dangerous diseases to people, so it is important to have enough predators around to control them.

A phobia can make life very difficult, but there is no reason you have to through life thinking about these animals. Life is hard enough without panic attacks. If you do not think you can do this on your own, ask for some help. I am reminded of this public service announcement about stroke awareness. Guy with arrow sticking out of chest: "Oh, this? It's probably nothing."

If you want to try fixing the problem yourself, you can try exposure therapy. Basically it is like taking a vaccine against your fear.
  • Post a picture of some earthworms on your fridge until it becomes totally boring
  • Then post a cartoon snake on the fridge until it becomes likewise boring
  • Then get yourself a rubber snake at the discount store. Put some doll clothes on him (a hat, perhaps?) and install him in a vase on the windowsill. Name him Fred. Yes, really.

I know this is probably not the answer you were looking for, but it is the real, permanent solution.


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