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apple ipod battery dead? Answered

i have an ipod nano, the battery seems to not wanna take a charge. is it broke, or can i fix it? plz help me out. i'd really appreciate it!


What generation iPod nano is it? Does it turn on at all when plugged in? If so, does the battery last at all after a 4 hour charge?

If your battery is dead, you can purchase an ipod nano battery replacement service. If the board is shot (which can be caused by shock, liquid, incompatible charges, more) then there's nothing that can be done for your device short of replacing the board.


8 years ago

i did it with a new cable, computer, and official charger. dont work. its 2 late cuz i ripped it apart... lol!

From what power source do you connect your iPod nano, is it an unofficial charger or you connect it directly to your computer ?
If it is a third party charger it's probably the reason of the problem, the internal circuit of the iPod won't allow battery charging if the two USB data lines aren't charged (Like it is on the official one).
Try using a computer or an official charger to see if it charge or not, if it don't charge look at the dock connector if something looks like broken, if it's it you will probably need to change the complete motherboard or solder a new connector.


8 years ago

If you have a different USB cable for it you could try that, to see if it charges.  If it won't charge using different cables then I think your battery (or the internal charge circuitry) is toast.