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arduino and android tablet question Answered

 i want to buy a tablet, was on the verge of the ipad 2''i ,but saw that android is making nice with arduino. costco has the xoom wifi at a decent price, any suggestions or should i just get tthe ipad2 for now and maybe a cheap archos android 2.1 for arduino projects, or unlocked android on t mobile freqs, now that i think they have  data prepay cards.



7 years ago

I can't make up my either !


oh know i was hopinf it was an answer not another lost soul.
maybe lada ada or one of the other kit seelers has ideas on this.
i have only seem android to arduino, just i need a tablet and the ipad is nice even though i am a pc guy.i didnt get aa chance to plasy with the xoom.
i hate having to tap hard

she has a whole site with a lot of arduino forums and a lot of kits and parts,applications not mentioned here