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arduino uno Answered

Good morning I am getting the arduino uno with the monitor. Want to have 5 booton and clicking individually to my display a MESSAGE on the screen when the potato and when let off. these be in the second row while the first shows to permanently temperature from someone sensor someone can help. thanks



3 years ago

Hi! My arduino displays random character instead of the hello world example. I have followed all the rules and still no success . please advise than!

Please start a new question instead of posting in someone else's. This will only cause confusion. (I thought you were the author of this question)

I use Arduino to test components so I am not the best with Arduino however I may be able to point you in the right direction to help you with your project.

I am assuming you want to display a different message on an LCD for every button pushed and that message goes away when the button is released.

These are the circuits and code from the Arduino examples you are going to need to combine to get what I think you want.



I would suggest you try a one button code first then expand the code for every button you add.

Lets see if I got this.

You want to use Arduino UNO to Fire and Monitor the firing of a potato gun.

Is that correct?

sorry but the transalation was wrong,the thing that i want to ask is how can i with every of the five buttons when i push them to show the message and when i leave them not show the message.every button individually.thank you