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are the people who make commericals racist? Answered

Just asking because in every single commercial (I've only seen one that doesn't, it was a febreeze comerical) when there is more than one person in the commercial, they put an african american person so that they don't seem racist, and I think that that is the real reason. The people who make commercials are probably like "oh, if we don't put a black person in then people will only think our product is for white people". Anyone else notice this? It doesn't really bother me, just something I noticed BTW I am not racist.


raciest? How about Sexist too. The woman steps off the elevator and the man walks up to her and stares RIGHT AT HER CLEAVAGE and says: Marge ! Is that really YOU ? And she answers "cross my heart". Bah ! He doesn't recognize her by her face, but by her figure. What a crock.

Yes they do (actually the first place I look is at the eyes).

Too much makeup gives the impression (to me anyway) that the person is either uncomfortable with their own looks, or that they want to be a Phyllis Diller lookalike. *shrug* But the eyes give away a lot about a person. And this has not been a recent development of mine. I have always looked at another person's eyes first. :-)

I look at the eyes too, mainly because you can tell alot about someone simply by if and when they look away...

that and their parents appreciate it when you look at her eyes too :)

I don't know, alot of people find direct eye contact intimidating, that and having very dark eyes means that people often see nothing of them whereas I see alot more of theirs which is somehow unnerving for them, or when the iris's go black it freaks people completely... Sorry off topic but the dads prefer to think they've stared you down, them mums want to think you're all giggly and innocent...

hahahahaha well, i have "baby blues" so i cant really say they are too intimidating... well, my "alligator grip"(according to a co-worker of my mom) seems to help me alot in those situations. but not with the mom of course lol

No, but if you want to freak mom out, when she offers her hand, take it gently and kiss the back of it lightly and tell her now she knows where (daughter's name) got her looks from. :-)

hahah i prefer to live atleast into my 70's hahahaa


when my mom gets angry, I hug her and tell her I love her. If I see its going somewhere, I go on:

"Mom, were you ever hugged as a child, I think not. I think all you ever needed was a hug *hugs again*"

She gets really angry, but can't resist laughing!

Yeah, he was talking about his Mom's co-worker, and the handshake, and I just interjected (since he said not to give the Mom a vise-like handshake) to freak her out with a "blast from the past" as it were. :-)

Oh, lol, I really should read thoroughly before commenting!

Tis ok, somehow I got it into my head he was talking about meeting the parents of a girl-friend, and my comment is more oriented that way.....so I am no better :-)

It's not about colour or anything, actually looking someone in the eye for any length of time can be intimidating for them... That said baby blues must be kinda hind when you do any wrong...

The only time I ever heard anyone mention them, wes when my aunts spoke of them (before I was 12). :-) Otherwise, no advantage here..

Well you've missed that oppurtunity by a few years anyway...

Being able to maintain Eye contact for long periods of time has been quite a weapon for me. I guess It has to do with willpower, but people often give up way before I do, making me a bit unfazed by insults or stuff.

Also, its great to make eye contact with an adult angry at you and having them be the ones that walk away, gives you a bit of pride and a sense of victory. I often get in trouble for that....

Um, can anyone tell me if theres a word for when a parent is angry at you and starts yelling and stuff, I never found out if there was a word for that in english. In spanish its regañar

Umm the word parents use is parenting or the phrase for your own good... Yeah It's great and while your doing it smile a little half smile they can't call a smirk or for effect yawn... It's doing nothing but getting on their nerves...

yea, I like to have a small kinda evil smile, like I really don't care bout em, drives em crazy. I often do that to a dumb and short tempered friend of mine, he justs walks away all angry. And sorry, for the parenting thing I asked, My language is Spanish actually. But I think there might be another word though

the word is R-e-g-a-(n with a little line over it), a-r

I don't look at their eyes. I look at their feet.

if they have 6 toes on each foot, it is likely they stand a wee bit taller then you do too :-) Polydactyly conditions (A congenital condition characterized by the presence of extra or accessory digit(s) on the hands or feet. The extra digit can be whole, but is often rudimentary and bilateral – may develop from one metatarsal or there may be a complete supernumerary metatarsal), tend to be combined with another condition known as giantism. This results in unrestrained growth upward, but the worst part about it is that the heart is generally enlarged and "giants" rarely live past their 30's or 40's.

its related with giantism? As I recall, the family I mention in the comment below seemed pretty regular. I find giantism to be pretty amazing, yet sad in some ways...

an interesting case is a family I heard of once. So its supposedly hereditary too. The mom had 1 extra finger in each hand and a small toe in one foot. A daughter had an extra finger in each hand and i dunno the feet though Ill look it up later. Maybe in Guinness Wold records, I think I saw them there too

Same, to many brushes with undead females 'cuz i didn't check for glowing red eyes...

Yeah, can't be too careful about getting involved with alcoholics ;-) (normally the cause of glowing red eyes).

Probably, but when they bare glistening fangs at you that's another good way to tell if your there type...

Here's a monkey wrench into the works. Or my 2 cents.

Is it Racism or Bigotry? Seems we say racist a lot but...

racism--belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

Bigotry--stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own.

Or maybe it's something different. Someone pointed out the difference to me before and it gets me thinking on these topics!

I believe it's racism, but they put up other races to make it seem like it's not. Otherwise we'd see more commercials with only one race.

I have noticed this and I agree..to an extent. I believe they are doing their best, but I grew up in the 90s when nobody cared about this stuff. All commercials and Kids Shows in particular had all white casts and actors. Not that I'm saying there was anything right or wrong about that. There must have been some movement that forced producers to do something about it.

Modern children's shows in particular have seen a huge addition of a diverse ethnic cast.

I site the Backyardigans and Little Einsteins. Their pictures are below, respectively.

The moose-type-thing is of African-American decent, and the pink one is Asian.


I concur, it's simply ridiculous, we get along with our various-ethnicity friends just fine without having to be force fed this junk... BTW, if you know me you can call about 3 ethnicities (euro, brit, amy indy, pacific phillipino native) your friends LOL.

Hahaha: BTW I am not racist.

I had to say something, when I was typing this up I thought it was going to be a very contraversial topic, people of accusing me of stuff. ya know...

Yeah, it just sounded funny because it was all random. :P

I've noticed that too!!! And in textbooks they put a lot of people in wheelchairs in them.

i counted how many pages in they put a kid in a wheelchair once before.... algebra: 8 German: 4 science:14

Physics have lots of wheelchair questions, a friend of mine and I did an experiment for a physics project based on him being in a wheelchair but I also participated, found that going up a ramp and using a machine from the gym that though we had similar arm horsepowers that his was far more efficient, he knew the best way to push the wheels. Also in a wheel to wheel race he won in the turns and I won in the straight line because I had longer arms and could push more of a strok each time, we tried a crawling race aswell by tying our feet together and crawl. That one was interesting, mainly because I was army trained in crawling and he was life trained at crawling, overall he won 3 of 5 races so I said to my cadets and taught them his way instead then won a silly competition...

Lol I used to be a corporal then was promoted to sargeant in the army cadets, then due to a house move changed to air cadets which I wasn't going to go to until I heard about a BTEC worth four GCSE's which help with uni and all, at the minute I'm completely torn between motorsport engineering and graphic design, I'm good at both but it's hard due to the fact that I can work around almost any engineering problem and have more practical engineering experience thatn most people on the course put together and I also have pretty good sense of design and can work with almost any media and product to create something... Sorry that was really off topic but It's nagging me something shocking.

No need to be sorry I just burst out with it because it's on my mind, eventually my brain goes into overdrive, result: this kind of stuff, I generally apologize because it's never at the right place and time.

science textbooks always put those!

In our Home and Family book there was one on what seemed like every page!

You want to know why Science has the most? ;-)

Radical lab experiments gone wrong!