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are there any good books on building cars for beginners? Answered


Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as £250 and Race It!, 2nd Ed. (Hardcover) is an excellent project book. Robert Champion was a shop teacher and got his students involved in individual projects where they build these sports cars by constucting the frame and using a donor car for all the parts.

Here's an Amazon link to "Build your own sports car" (by Ron Champion). The Locost, as this car is known, has a wide following around the internet with plenty of build diaries to see how other people's builds went.

Another plus for this car is that people often abandon builds for a number of reasons when part way through- you may be able to find a partly-completed frame for sale by someone abandoning their build, much more cheaply than buying a frame from a kit car manufacturer.


9 years ago

It all depends on what you want to do. If you want to build a car from the ground up (like a road race car) then I highly recommend all the books that Carroll Smith has written, especially Engineer To Win.

For magazines check out Grassroots Motorsports. They put on a low budget challenge every year that generates some amazing entries.

Modifying cars is a whole different story- that's best addressed by knowing which model car you want to work on.

. Define "building cars." Modify/build-from-scratch? . New/used/classic? Cosmetic/functional? Engine? Drivetrain? Stereo? Body? . . If you want to put together a classic Mustang, reprints of the Ford assembly manuals are available.