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are there any micro speaker.. by micro i mean like 5/32 of an inch big..they need to be decently loud? Answered

i am working on a very slim bluetooth watch and i need extremely small loud speakers.even smaller than an ear buds diameter


Sometimes size matters. That's the case here. To be loud a speaker has to move a lot of air and a small speaker just doesn't do that. There are some specialized designs that are more efficient but cost alot more. The enclosure that the speaker is in can help if it focuses all of the sound coming from the front of the cone in one direction and prevents ALL of the sound coming from the rear of the cone from mixing with the front sound. The two sounds are 180 deg. out of phase and cancel each other out. In a larger speaker you might be able to create a baffle so that the rear sound gets in phase with the front sound but that would take a box the size of a refrigerator.

You will want a .5W to 1W speaker if you want some decent volume out of it. But for that kind of power the speaker will be about 1/2" in diameter or larger.

Here is one that is rated for .7W and has a diameter of 12mm. So just under 1/2" in diameter. Any smaller then that and it won't be able to put out a reasonable amount of volume with any kind of clarity.