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Are we going to take part in the sopa blackout? Answered

Are we going to take part in the sopa blackout?

There is a good article here for anyone on the fence;


there is also a list of the other websites taking part, i think its linked on that page. 


I can safely say the answer is NO...

Wikipedia started the blackout already. (As I imagine others have too).

Since Instructables is on PST (Pacific Standard Time), Wednesday has just begun and we are still live.


6 years ago

So without a viable alternative congress will do what the money tells them to.
What is the alternative?

I vote for locking all the stake holders in a room for 8 years or so, till they can come up with a workable solution with the threat of a solution no one wants hanging over their head.

ie block all web sites that use words, pictures, video, or color (we don't want to leave paint manufactures unprotected either) because it will just be too hard and expensive to police the the internet effectively.

We do these sorts of negotiations a lot in the mountain west to resolve public land use disputes.

The US government does not have any right to mess with the internet. They don't own it, they shouldn't mess with it. I am all for SOPA blackouts, and my servers will definitely be down for the day. I think it would be really funny if the governments servers went down that day........... ;)

Its not so much the government... (they're all "in bed" with someone)...

Consider that the major backers for this legislation are 5 Hollywood Studio's, 4 record labels and 6 global publishers...

I do get their point about piracy, but their proposed method is ridiculous. No website is going to check 10's of thousands of links that go through their websites for where they may end up... To blacklist them for displaying an Ad that led to a piracy website 5 clicks later is absurd. Technically if Instructables had such an Ad, and didn't monitor their click through's they would be just as guilty. *rolls eyes*

Right, but the government is passing the bill, so in essence, they are taking control of the internet. They live to take control of things, that's one of the reasons I stopped working for them. The toys that I got to use on data were nice, but it got to the point where I was getting into some pretty dangerous stuff. I can't have a facebook etc. for my protection, so this is the closest I can get. Even with this, I have to use a program that spoofs my identity. (It's a pretty neat program... not just a proxy, but it really slows down the internet speed!)

I'm going on a bit of a rampage here... but even though there are some major backers for the legislation, the government has the final say as to whether or not this bill is passed. All I can say is that every server I have access to will not be operational on Jan 18. :)

You're right, but it would appear that Obama can't make up his mind on which side he sits and is rather comfortable right now on the fence. I would imagine there are pressures from the industry both ways, and he needs to take a stand and not try and 'please everyone'.

(I won't even touch your other comments). :P

I would say that Obama doesn't really have any backbone. You can't please everyone, just make a decision and stick with it! :)


Although some news reports are saying that SOPA is dead, this has not changed the plans for many groups on Wednesday.

Initially the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform was to meet with industry on Wednesday (which is why that day was deemed a "blackout"), but after The White House statement on Saturday that said administration would not support the legislation in its current form, the meeting has been postponed. Some took this statement prematurely and concluded the legislation was a dead issue.

Reddit founder now plans to attend a NYC rally organized by NY Tech Meetup, and the blackouts will continue.

I would be all for it. The legislation goes too far and there are big players on board for the blackout, one being Wikipedia who gets millions of hits daily. That could send a very big message.