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arrow back stop Answered

anybody have any ideas about inexpensive fabrics that might stop arrows? i have seen arrow back stop netting online but it is prohibitively expensive. i am a back yard archer living in a city and i think my neighbors would feel safer in their yards if they thought my net might stop an arrow.




1 year ago

I'm just getting back into archery after a 30 year break and researching a backstop for my yard.

One thing to remember is the Ancient Mongolians wore loose fitting silk shirts for "armor" against arrows. The fletchings cause the arrow to spin like a bullet to help it fly strait. When the spinning arrow hit the silk the silk would wind up on the arrow and keep it from penetrating as deep.

I'm not saying use silk for a backstop but whatever type of fabric you use should hang loose enough to wind up on the arrow. A loose fabric will also have a lot of give to it and slow the arrow before it penetrates it.

Go to a trucking company and ask for their old mudflaps. if you hang them up loose the arrow will just hit it and fall to the ground. works great if you just want to save some money.

Try old rug as a back stop. Very tough and cheap. If you want to get clever you can build a frame from schedule 40 pvc. Drape the piece of rug over the top and use two spring clamps to pinch the outside edges together to hold it in place. You can shoot into this for a long time before you need to replace anything.

Thanks. Good idea. I think thats what I'm lloking for.

FABRIC? If you just want to fool your neighbors, get a roll of metal screen. Depending on the tips you use and the power of your bow, there is no cheap fabric that'll stop it. Kevlar would be fun, but not cheap. You could try canvas, hung loose, but there are better ways. Building a plywood box as a backstop and putting sand in there is the proper way to do it. You want a "hillside" of sand, not just a level amount, so the arrow sticks in it and slows down. If you have a natural terrace and hillside to your yard, shoot into the base of the hillside like I do.

fabric. yes. i am shooting a 35lb recurve. archery suppliers sell a backstop netting which will stop arrows from up to 50lb bows but it goes for about $150 for a 10ft length.

i think an arrow could go through kevlar. Kevlar doesn't stop slow moving objects. I know a knife can go through Kevlar body armor unless you have SAPI plates installed. But SAPI Plates are ridiculously expensive to be using as a backstop for arrows.

Apparently, it depends on the weave - kevlar jackets are either stab or bullet proof. UK beat-police get issued with kevlar, and have to choose stab or bullet depending on exactly where they are patrolling.

True, they do make stab proof jackets...they're a lot cheaper, too.

I would say it would probably depend on what tip you were using, and how taut you have strung your kevlar. Field points would be far more dangerous to any cloth than target tips are.

...there is no cheap fabric that'll stop it.

Maybe if you stand close and shoot at taught fabric. We do a lot of archery with our scouts, and when we're shooting outdoors all we use is a loose-hanging fabric. Even when our more over-macho leaders got carried away with their compound bows, the fabric stopped everything.

That seems best...it'll catch the arrows and slow them, down.


9 years ago

See if you can nab some old rail-road ties, and stack them two deep, they work pretty good for a gun backstop as well...

Anything that hangs loose and heavy will work, just make sure it has a fairly tight or secure weave to stop the arrows slipping through.

A heavy tarp or woven plastic is cheap, glue a backing of thick cotton on and hang it loose, that would probably catch your arrows quite well but a wooden backstop should be behind it just for safety's sake...