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automatic sliding door Answered


I ve been looking all over (www), and I can't find any useful tips, tuts, ... about modding an existing sliding door into an automated one. 
This without ordering a ready-made system, which costs many $$$$.

I 've had this idea for a while already, and I admit seeing https://www.instructables.com/id/Air-Powered-Star-Trek-Style-Door/ brought the brain to bubble again..

If anyone has some experience with this or can share some interesting links ? (re-use an old engine from something..., controls.., touchpad/sensor, ...)

would be great.




Do you have a manually operated sliding door that hangs from a rail in place now? If you do, then a DC motor could be mounted above the door centrally and a tubular spindle put onto the motor shaft. A cord from either end of the door top goes round the spindle and is anchored to it. When the motor is connected by a switch to run in one direction, it'll open the door and when reversed, will close it!

IF you wanted the authentic sound effect of the whoosh along with it, you could operate them by pneumatics, but that would probably get very expensive, not to mention complicated, pretty quickly.

no, no sound effect necessary :-)

just electric would be fine

I believe the original TV set doors were operated on cue by hand. The stagehand pulled a lever. I guess the thing is, do you want to or have room to mod the wallspace around the door frame and is it a set of real pocket doors? You can go with a step on doormat and use bodyweight to actuate the levers or trigger the motors to open the door. Having a mini-garage door opener type chain or screw drive does not make it open fast enough for the same effect. Good luck.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I more or less figured that the original TV set doors were fake (as much as the space ship they were in :-) )

I was more looking at what kind of engine I could use, and how .. I also thought about a garage door opener....