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awesome! but can I... Answered

Is it allowed to build one of the things they sell there? like building a pocket laser show (just an example)


Yes, you can do that! Like Kryptonite says, just make it your own.

As long as you used parts or pieces from our current (or old) offerings, yes indeed.

I only read the reply that said "Yes, you can do that! Like Kryptonite says, just make it your own. " I've been working on a DIY Datalocker, but it doesn't have any pieces from the thinkgeek store in it, does this mean it doesn't count? :S -Yon

My country isn't on the list... anyway...in the future, do you plan to add Serbia as a country that can buy stuff from your site and compete in your chalanges, competitions...??? Thanks!

We're working on the international shipping situation, so yes, hopefully--but can't say for sure right now, or how long that would take. We're sorry for the inconvenience!

shipping needs to be cheaper it cost me 20$ to ship to canada and can cost over 40$ i dont see why a t-shirt or a spork should cost that much to ship,love the website and products just widh it was cheaper

Yea, Hack and Md store has shipping world-wide only 99 cents!!!

Cool! you have such good products and it's a shame I can't buy any of them because my country isn't on the list... Good luck! Thanks you!

To get stuff before we got it mailed to a friend in the US who then posted it on to us, could be a notion to help with the shipping issues...

I fear I may not even get an entry finished in time.....again. :-(

Does it have to have been purchased from them? Or could it be the same product, bought somewhere else?

I think he's asking if it's legal to sell the things that he sees on instructables (The products, not the instructions) I'd say yeah, go ahead, so long as it's not a copyrighted device or anything.


9 years ago

I received a Think Geek product as a gift. Does that count?

. Where is there?

oh im sorry, i thought that was clear yes thinkgeek (awesome site btw)

Hmm, along with my concentrating a bit on Laser contest ideas, I am still thinking here.....

I have 2 ideas, but I might only be able to get one of them up and running in time....

I don't think so, if I am thinking what you are, I think they want you to mod one of their products, not make one of them yourself

I believe your post is correct. My interpretation from the instant replay is: You must buy a thinkgeek product or have one previously purchased from them. Hack that item using at least one bit or piece from the original thinkgeek product. Probably a good idea to post the thinkgeek percentage of product and origin in your instructable. You can duplicate an existing thinkgeek product as long as you used a part from a real thinkgeek product that you had purchased or aquired earlier. But mod or add a new feature. Bottom line: I think a purchase is necessary. Dunnos will have to buy a laser pointer or some other item from thinkgeeks to make his pocket laser show device, maybe a stuffed toy?

I reckon if you made one but infinite times better I imagine you could, but try to make it mostly your idea. Hope it turns out alright!