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awsomest knex sidearms Answered

i like big guns,but sometimes compact is the only way to go......
think u got one of the best knex sidearm(s) on ibles?
well lets see em! (NO BLOCK TRIGGERS!!!!!!)


anyone know of any good knex magnums or revolvers??????
i want 1!!!!!!!

Revolvers aren't too practical for K'nex guns. They're usually pretty big for the small amount of ammo they hold.

u could be right
i just searched "knex revolver and there wasnt a lot of results and they didnt look good,so never mind the revolver thing......

Here is a pic of me and my sidearm:


hhhmmmmm.....looks like we have some competion for the MeZak pistol....
it any good?

well then,
ill have to take a look at it some day
right now i have a piece shortage....
tell me what its called and i will find it when i get more pieces

(with the mod for removable clips)
i found no problems with the gun except for the lower mag compacity which was 8 and is 6 with removable clips :(

awsomeish 002.JPG

Alright I'll have another go at making an oodammo side arm. This time I'm just going to give in to what I know that works.


8 years ago

Yep. Go MeZak.

ya,the MeZak pistol is probably THE best knex oodammo gun made
in other words i would agree

Almost any oodammo gun, but MeZak is probably the best