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banking software for monopoly board game..? Answered

I saw an electronic banking edition of the monopoly board game in the shop  and was pretty impressed by it. But its too expensive to purchase and i already have a normal version of the monopoly board game and also the electronic banking unit alone is not available for purchase.  After thinking for sometime i came up with the idea of making a software for mobile phone that will act as a monopoly banking device. But I don't know programming. Can anyone here help me in making such a software? I don't think that will involve much work. All the software need to do is allow the user to select the number of players from 2-6 and assign each of them a custom start balance and then allow them to transfer money between each other and also pay fines to the bank.  I hope someone is ready to help me. I am just sharing an idea/thought that will help many others like me who play the monopoly board game.


Great idea. I will build this on a website. Give me two weeks and I'll post the link here.

I just recently cracked open the banking unit and there is not much to it. Basically there are bumps on the cards, and when you insert the card into the machine, it presses down a button. Some simple electronics decode which button was pressed and then displays a value for the card. You could probably make one without any software!

You could do it with a lap top - spread sheet and each player has a memory stick for they account.

I guess blue tooth and mobiles is also possible but I don't have time to find out how.

can you explain how? And also the transactions need to be faster than that using paper cash.


7 years ago

Before programming starts we need you to commit a tangible sign of interest and detail what this software actually does to make the game more interesting more fun and less tedium.

watch this video to see how the electronic banking unit works. It replaces the paper cash with credit cards. It makes transactions more easy and hassle free. What I mean by the software is something that allows a phone to be used as a monopoly bank . (instead of credit card it can be considered something like
paypal ;) )

You could bank with Excel pretty easily.


need to do it pretty fast, i dont mean i need a banking software like excel , but something more simple to play monopoly , to replace the paper bank notes. Somethin similar to the monopoly electronic bankin unit.