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bass tube overdrive? Answered

i would like to build a simple valve overdrive, will the valvelitzer do or will it need some mods?NO FUZZ plz, im looking for a nice warm creamy valve overdrive.gmoon can you help a clueless lad like me?

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MahavishnuMan (author)2010-01-25

I don't know the specifics on designing a tube amplifier, but I can tell you that if this is designed for bass and you want to avoid smooshy fuzz, you may need to have two amps in one.

Bi-amping with a crossover is responsible for Chris Squire's signature tone, which has tight low-end and good, trebley bite.  By running the lows through a clean amp and the highs through overdrive, it keeps the bass tone from getting flabby.

I would recommend building an adjustable crossover prior to the tubes; send the low end through an amp designed for clean tones, and the highs through the driven tubes.

There's my idea, now you just have to build it.

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