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battery for an electric go kart? Answered

hello, I'm planning on taking a box fan motor and attaching it to a frame.
what kind of battery should i use and what should the circuit include?



can i make a go kart with 2 battries of 12 volt and a dc motor of 24 volt of 1 hp..
can i use ac motor ??

That fan is hardly going to move you (if it moves you at all). You want a 100c 2-stroke minimum, and an aero-propeller.


No, no, no, sorry i don't think i explained my self enough. I'm attaching the motor to move the wheels, unlike an air boat type vehicle. Thanks for the quick reply, SC


This post is fairly old, and I don't care. Anyways, You can not use a DC Battery with an AC electric motor, Even if you were to convert DC to AC, you will need alot of batteries, or convert a 12 volt battery through an inverter to step up the voltage to 115 volts..

But then again, Nothing will work, your better off with an electric motor taken from an old wheelchair (They have fairly large, 12 volt motors that are capable of moving you up to 20, to 25 miles per hour, providing that you remove the gear box assembly, why would an old person want to travel 25 miles per hour? to get to the store faster?)

BTW, that was not sarcasm. Here is an example of a good set up.

4x twelve volt batteries, wired in parallel for AMPERAGE, or AMP hour.
1x twelve volt, 20 amp motor (HQ Wheel Chair)
1x steering assembly, and driveshaft, (means of hooking up the motor to the wheel.

The steering is fairly easy, all you need to do for that is have a bar with a loop in the middle, with a shaft going up for the steering wheel, So when you turn the wheel, the wheels move with it.

As for the driveshaft assembly, The easiest and lightest way to do this, is to use one motor on one rear wheel, There is no drag, or faster wearing of the tires, so don't worry. You should be able to go a good 110 miles before running out of battery..

Which in my opinion, I'd use for everyday traveling, I'd visit my old neighborhood everyday which is 5 miles away, and 5 miles back, (10 miles total a day). or off to radio shack and back (30 miles)

I'm guessing the back end of an electric scooter (the motor and wheel assembly) would work as well with enough power and suitably rated cabling for it?

Long time ago, apologies.. Yes, it would. The more batteries you wire in parallel, the longer you will go. Just don't over volt the motor too much.

For an electric scooter motor, you would probably need somewhere aroung 10-12 gauge wiring.

Awesome idea with that car starter. How long do you think a fully charged normal car battery should last? With not much torque needed for the blade, would it also spin a lot faster?

.  Most automotive starters would have enough torque/power but they generate a lot of heat and are designed to run for about 10 seconds at a time. They are not rated for continuous duty.
Fans are notoriously inefficient. I'd go with a chain or friction drive straight to the wheel(s).

that's my goal. should i use a car battery? and how do i connect the circuit?

it wouldn't last that long, but they will move a car...


One horsepower is about 750 watts. The average box fan motor is about 120 watts. You would need about six of them to move an adult at 15-20 miles per hour. Try http://www.allelectronics.com/ for scooter motors and motor speed controllers. But, you will also need: sprockets, chain, shaft, mounted bearings, control cables with housing, power tools, hand tools, welding equipment, a place to do the work, a workbench helps a lot but a concrete driveway will work, and you will need lots of ingenuity and imagination, among others.

I've motorized a couple of bicycles. I've used a 49cc 2hp 2-stroke (27 mph); a 98cc 3hp 2-stroke (37 mph); and a 66cc 3hp 2-stroke (37 mph). I weigh 205 pounds.


7 years ago

the smallest motor you could really put on that would be a motor from a electric scooter!! people throw these away all the time just because the batteries ware out and stop working. and a motor isnt the olny thing you will need, consider this, how are you going to control your motors speed and how are you going to connect it to the drive wheel(s)? because these are other things you need to adress. motor scooters have motor controllers on them that will work if you attach to a handlebar instead of a steering wheel. the motor itself has a small 8 or 9 tooth gear that fits a small chain and olny on some scooters the larger gear on the scooter will unbolt off of the rear wheel. the batteries, well, you cant hook in a car battery because its too strong and you will probbably have to buy it unless you have a old battery backup system for a computer (ATT has a battery backup for its router and if you have them and you decide to switch grab it before they take it away and there is a nice big 12v battery in there).

it is great that you are going electric because if you are riding an EV instead of a gas go kart the cops cant do a dam thing.

i hope this helps and if you have another question send me a message through instructables and i will try to help!


You can't run the motor from a battery (not directly anyway) as it will be an induction motor that only runs on AC mains.