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battery problem Answered

i have a 12 volt 7ah rechargeable lead-calcium battery, but no charger. i want to build a charger, but the diagrams ive found are for lead acid. does anyone have a good circuit for lead calcium battery chargers?



9 years ago

the only difference is that a lead calcium battery battery can cope with up to 15v charging current i charge my sla(most of which are calcium) on 13.8v usually they will charge with a normal charger(9times out of 10 it does and it is totally safe) the only difference is they don't dry up as quickly.(as a standard battery)

What? lead-calcium? if i were you, i'd build a very low amperage, 500ma psu, then check the voltage periodically, keep it outside, and away form anything you don't want to destroy

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woah, i thought you said nickel cadmium, I never hear lead-calcium I'll look into it

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