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bed frame around a bed? Answered

I have an old pine bed that I don't like so I want to make more modern by building a modern looking ikea bed around it or onto it would this be possable if so can you point me towards where I would find out how to or can you tell me.



Best Answer 6 years ago

I guess the simplest option would be to fix on shapes cut out of plywood or MDF.

I new to wood working so how would I fix the shapes onto the bed with out damaging the wood frame already on the bed.

Maybe stand it *around* the bed, fastened only to itself, not the bed frame?

As I said I'm new to wood working so could I use Velcro to attach it to the bed or some thing like velcro

That's a good idea - drill holes in the panels and thread strips of velcro through...

(See, you don't really need help to do the designing, you just needed to think it through.)

I want to do as little damage to the original bed frame as possible so could I just stick the Velcro straight onto the the bed frame and the wood? Also what type of wood should I use Plywood or MDF if I want to paint it and which would be cheaper and easier to cut and work with?

When I said "drill holes in the panels", I meant the panels you are adding to the bed.

Cheapest is probably MDF, but check your local suppliers.

But what would drilling holes and threading Velcro through do would it be able to be seen or would it look normal like the bed frame was actually the beds real frame

Drilled holes would be visible. Try adding brackets to the inside of the panels, or use thick cord or rope to act as a design feature, rather than a fixing to be hidden.

Ok but could I just glue the Velcro to the wood on the inside also which wood would be lighter plywood of MDF

How about playing with Plaster of Paris to have different motifs around the bed ? Once you are satisfied with output, you can go for wood or metal .