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best way to cut PET plastic bottles? #1 recycle triangle Answered

i want to improve the usb,wall warts,,technical cord storage trick that i think i saw here.they were using a toilet paper  tube.  i noticed that a lot of smaller Gatorade type PET bottles would work nice, since they are clear, and stronger.  i used scissors to cut some and get ragged edges, which i could fix, but i was wondering if a hot wire,like a styro? foam shaper would work better ? with the plus of smooth edges 


A thick hot wire should probably do the job. You can try a thinner one, but finer wires tend to weld the plastic back up behind it. Other than that, a sharp razor blade should do the job.

thanks, i have a lot of fine saws, but don't want to gum them up if hot wire will do it, i think the hot wire ,or hot serrated knife would also take care of the sharp edges from, a razor. i want to try to use the round juice bottles as a cable storage,wall wart storage, like someone mentioned, but they used toilet paper tubes. i have a old serrated bread knife that i used to heat up and use to cut the blocks of frozen cod fish, back on the days before the individual wrapped fillets. i wonder if they still sell cod like that and the price difference?
thanks to all

I generally cut through with the bread kinfe which has a serrated edge like a fine saw.

Or use a open flame and the bread knife. Cuts it like a hot knife thrue butter. (sorry couldn't resist....move along nothing to see here)