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best way to drive 100 leds? Answered

i was gonna wire them all in paralel so it would use 2,000 ma.
run it of a 3 v battery with resistors of course
the leds need 1.9 v  @ 20 ma
any way the wiring could be easier or how would it be easier to drive all those leds to 


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icengBest Answer (author)2012-04-14

If you use 6VDC;

A]  99 LED in groups of 3 and 18 ohms + 1 LED and a 220ohm resistor
      total current of 680ma and 4.125 watt....

B]  50 groups of 2 LED and 120 ohms total current 1A  6.2Watt

You can try 4.5 VDC;

50 groups of 2 LED and 39 ohms total current 1A  4.6Watt


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