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bicycle questions? Answered

I am  five feet two inches yes I know I am short... But I was wondering if I can ride a bike with a wheel size of 26in sorry my question mark key isnt working so thanks in advance!!


To measure yourself for a bike properly - measure you inside leg and take off 2 inches. This is the frame size that will suite you best.

When sitting on the saddle you should be able to put your foot flat on the peddle with your leg straight . This allows you to have the correct action with the ball of your foot on the paddle in normal use.

You should also be able to reach the floor - probably with your tip toe.

My wife rides a bike with 26 inch wheels, and she is two inches shorter than you.

She just lowered the saddle.

Yes you can ride it. You can ride any bike as long as your feet touch the peddles. But the rule of thumb is you should be able to have your feet flt on the ground when sitting on the bike. But that's for safety.