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bike help? Answered

i have a little brother and he is now learning how to ride a bike but every time he starts to ride he can not keep his balance and gets scared and stops he almost has it i need help to make something to keep his balance while riding.



Lower the seat and take the pedals off the bike. Have him paddle himself around practicing lifting his feet off the ground for increasing amounts of time. In 10 minutes he'll get the balance. Put the pedals back on and start him off holding the back of his seat telling him to pedal as fast as he can. Worked for my 5 year old.

hey what happened to the be nice policy obviously his little bro is like any kid that just got his train wheels off all kids are like that the kid needs more time on his bike is what i think it worked with me and my 3 little bros

If he can't ride safely, he should have training wheels. Until he can ride fine without them, it would be almost irresponsible to let him ride without them.
It's not a matter of being nice or not, as I stated a simple truth. 

and he needs to learn safely on training wheels.

whatever a few skinned knees are nothing compared to the fact that allhis friends will laugh at him because he can't ride a bike withouttraining wheels and i think that 1997589 is being a good big bro

I don't think you understand training wheels. You ride on two wheels,but if you start to lose your balance and lean too far over then theytouch the ground preventing you from falling. That's how they work.Otherwise it's just a tricycle.

A few skinned knees are nothing, but I know a kid that broke hiswrist when he tried to get off training wheels too fast.

I mountain bike, I go down 15 foot drops, I do 15 footgap jumps. I park bike, and can 360 1 hander, 180 toboggan, andtire grab over a hip. In fact I have 7 thousand dollars worth ofbikes in my garage (Dirt jumping bike and Downhill bike). I didn'tstart doing 15 foot drops and 360 1 handers by going "blah wtf I'lljust hit em, they're only skinned knees"

I dirt bike and ride a motorcycle to work a high performance one at thatI think I know the concept of training wheels how do you think i got tobeing the state champion in motocross  but I think you are rightabout the fact that he should raise his training wheels. sorry about getting angry but I have anger probs

Run alongside and hold the back of the seat while he rides, then let go. You have to teach him to counter-steer. When he starts to fall, turn into it. It's been like a month now. He probably learned it already and this comment's a waste.

Find a grassy, gently sloping hill (and I mean gentle!). give him a gentle push down the hill.

The thing a child (or other) has to learn is that balance is gained in large part by speed.

Keep the speed up and the bike will stay upright. slow down too much, and ...whoops!

My dad taught us all to ride that way. No peddling required. Just learning that speed = balance. it's a gyroscopic thing.