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black,red,green and white power cable supplying cree 3led bike light is broken. Answered

 I need help identifying which colour goes to which point.There are four points marked A G V B  on the PCB and i need to solder the 4 colours  onto their respective correct points.The cloured cables are coming from the battery and will be soldered on the cree LED pcb.



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Red, Green, Blue 
What is the Cree LED part number
A battery usually has only two wires.

We need more details ?

What is actually broken ?

Thanks for your replies everybody.I can't see any part number.but I should say this is forhhigh power bike light and has dim switches ,maybe the other wires ha ve something to do with that.

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Make and model would be a help.

AGVB is red green white black.


I don't doubt you but would dearly like to know the derivation A=Red.

Then given four wires, one has to be common Anode or common Kathode wire. 

I said make and model would help.

It is not a standard yellow (Left) green (Right) brown (Running) white (Ground)

A red left, G green right, V white ground, and B black running

I have done a few tail lights

AHhaa ..... I get it

Lots of newbies forget to czech up on their question
After all this is a discourse.

I could have said that better also.

Standard North American vehicle lights wiring color code is yellow (Left) green (Right) brown (Running) white (Ground)

But we live in a global economy so you are bound to run into something different.