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blue screen of death on my laptop Answered

ok i installed updates and when i restarted and logged on, my start bar showed up as the old windows 98 bar, and then my computer blue screened with this message stop: c00002la {fatal system error} the windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000005 {0x00000000 0x00000000} the system has been shut down so i cannot do anything but go to the setup menu to look at the system, i cannot log on to windows without bluescreening everytime


nvm i have gotten help from a friend who just happened to call

well i got it to work but im stuck in the disk setup where it asks about which partition to use theres 3 of em and one has windows installed on it already, what should i do?

well none of my programs are working, because i had sp3 but it had to be removed

you dont need any of them to work. you gonna wipe out the drive and install everything fom scratch

ive gotten to the point to be able to setup to boot from the cd then when it restarts to be able to run from the cd i automatically goes to the login screen

the bios may be recovering to the previous setting. hit F12 or alt ctrl esc when it starts and select the cd rom

when the windows cd begins to load it asks you to hit any key. if you dont hit some key quickly it cancels and boots the existig damaged windows

i suggest you to download the full installer of sp2 or 3 and not mess up with the online installers

i dont know what sp3 provides maybe its not worth installing (except the bugfixes and critical updates)

that would be helpful if i could get into my start menu, and or the setup command prompt

i installed service pack 3 i have already backed up files onto a external hard drive and a cd. can someone please tell me how to do this, i have the windows disks, but i cant figure out how to get the disks to load , because i cant go into windows, i can go as far as the login screen with my users. DISO solution

. It sounds like you need to set your BIOS to boot from CD first. Procedure varies, so check the manual.

. Others may come up with a better solution, but it sounds like it's time to re-install Windows. Might as well reformat the HDD while you're at it. . You should be able to boot and backup your files using a Linux LiveCD or BartPE. . What updates did you install?