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blue streak finnished pictures and video Answered

hey they made a knex category finely lol.

here is the video:

ok here are the finished pictures of blue streak:


1.the station.
2.the turn and lift.
3.view of the ride.
4.p.o.v. down the first drop.
5.picture of the hills.
6.picture of the turnaround.
7.hills different angle.
8.the back to the station.

pleas comment



10 years ago

www.instructables.com/community/Knex-M1-Garand-or-the-lack-of-them- www.instructables.com/community/WW2-Gunners-Attention-need-your-opinion-again- THESE TWO above are for WW2 enthusiasts especially, but veryone should be interested. www.instructables.com/community/Another-Knex-challenge-even-better-if-youre-a-/ STAR WARS fans or just Knex gunsmiths - this one too Visit and comment if you have the time please :)

it'd be awesome if someone made a CoasterCam like in rollercoaster tycoon 3! but you'd need something wireless...

oh well its realy quite simple you buy a camera that is so small and well junkey and you plug it in to your pc with a very long cord or get a wireless one you strap it on with rubber bands and you make it go.

Or just take any camera and start a video on it, hook it up to the fron of the coster and away you go...

there are some cameras you can buy that are like the size of one of those fat pencils that hold like 125 mb of video on them. but I don't know where to buy them.

I would like to purchase one but I have no Idea where to buy them and I don't know if I want to.


10 years ago

Thats some technology *kneels and begins to worship*

seriously? well its sorta broken now but I could make a instructable for this one if your willing to pay. lol

You want a comment?

We want an Instructable!

Woah..... thats crazy. I wonder how many pieces he used. must have taken like 10 sets. Well, there's your next challenge: build that!

I want to so bad there are bigger things than that search knex nitro on youtube and check it out. (there are like three different ones but the realy big one is the one you want to watch)


10 years ago

Cool--that is one complex (and big) project!

BTW, I've been on the "blue streak" (I worked at Cedar Point one summer in college.)

Oh, man--it's been a pretty long time (...went to college in the 1980's.)

The wooden coasters are still the best, IMHO.

oh ok I thought you were like 20. yeah wooden coasters ROCK!... except that they're so bumpy.

in a way. but not on this one its the blue streaks older brother "mean streak" it hurts your back.

no way!!! you finished!!!!! good job!!!!!