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bond of flames keyblade (for ojochris) Answered

well dsman1! you said you wanted a bond of flames you got a very good looking and kind sturdy bond of flames tell me what you think.


pretty cool! im trying to make void gear but its to flimsy at the moment

its so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7 years ago

cool plz post plz plz plz

post plz this is amazing


7 years ago

plz post

can you plz post this is a cool keyblade

thanks, I'll have to work on this!

np tell me anymore keyblades and ill start on em

I I think it's called "Way to Dusk" or "Blade of Dusk" I I I V


OH YEAH AND TO MAKE IT UP I MADE A fenroath keeper

want me to post a pic of my miserably failed way to dawn/

well i finished it but .......

i failed miserabley!!!!

oh great.... that might be just a tinsey weeee bit harder than my others uhhh be expecting that in about uhhh not today or tommorow or the next day maybe a week or two k? ill get started

take a long look at how accurate the chain looked from the real to the model

can u post this one as a step by step instructable....plz?

WOW, that chain is looks just like the real one!

oh and yes plz theses are MODELS so dont go swinging them at a tree or sumthin and break it an tell me that this is not sturdy the bond of flames is a model but the kingdom key is not

Yes these are better than ninjusk's ones you should post them. Achmed the dead terrorist rules.

hahaha silence i kill you!!!!

====high pitch====