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book styled laptop case Answered

Anyone got any good ideas on how to put one of these bad boys together? I'm not sure how to attach the zipper to the book cover material. thoughts on assembly and padding etc....


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Goodhart (author)2011-07-07

As for the zipper, using a "cloth or leather case" similar to the ones used on Bibles might work.

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CameronSS (author)2011-07-06

Some of that crazy-heavy-duty contact cement? Find a good-quality zipper with a nice wide tape, or sew it to some light canvas strips if it's too narrow, then smear some glue around the edges of a gutted book cover and glue it down. Or check out some of the many Instructables on bookbinding and make your own book cover..."Around the World in 80k" sounds a bit outdated, but if you want it to look antique...

Padding? Sheet of thin foam wrapped in nylon, make a tiny but thick quilt out of batting and old t-shirts, pull apart an old laptop case or camera bag and use the dividers, etc.

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