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boom blocks levels Answered

this future instructable will show you how to make levels that I make or if you have made on I will collaborate the future instructable with you and you can post yours. if you don't want to be colaborated all you have to do is post a picture of your level ,tell me what map you used ,what story line you edited it from. and I will re create it and ad it to this instructable. please do not post a level unless it's some awesome machine ,or if it can actually be beaten. ideas for levels: try to get Gorrilda to the Gurts but lure her to explode bombs to blow them up. Try to make here take a detour so she doesn't. I made one just like that where it shoots a Gurt into space if you don't stop Gorrilda from detonating the bomb. more coming soon... maybe.


i know! D: i love it too =)
once on the jenga mode thingy i got one of the wood planks and hit a guy into the lava >:D

happens all the time the best part about the game is the disguised violence like bowing for girts. and sending girts into space by putting them in the barrel of a strait up gun.

used at gamestop, of course. that where i get all of my games xD

nvm ima delete the comment, so ignore it if it say the span thingy... :o

ahh boom blocks. i remember the good times XD my couzion got it from his mom cause he did sumthin for her...... he said that he'd rather eat his own leg then have to play it again............. :o